Haven`t You Overslept Your Immortality?

Haven`t You Overslept Your Immortality?


(excerpt from the book “Secrets of Longevity and Mysteries of Immortality” by Kayros O’Hara)
“People depart this life because they have overslept their promised immortality.”
(African mythology)
“Wherever I am, there is no death; wherever is death, there I am not. Therefore, death is nothing for me”, that is what Titus Lucretius Carus, a great Roman poet and philosopher, once said while preparing himself for his passing away from this perishable world.
Death of any organism is the informational order for the cells, to cease their constant renovation and reconstruction. Moreover, its DNA programs the very waiting for this order within the cell, but the command is delivered by the informational cocoon of a human being, based on a new situation. That is where reality meets mystery, as Earth meets Space, body and spirit, existent and nonexistent.
Cell constituting atoms continue their existence entering further structure of informational reality, be it live or inanimate — from our human point of view. For atoms and their constituting electrons, protons, and neutrons, it is just a transition into a new informational form. In our bodies, we also may be carrying atoms of great philosophers of the past.
However, we are now extremely deep in informational exhaustion of our body. It is just an example of how we are affected by our mind and by outer cyberspace. Probably, with no knowledge of death, we could live then — approximately — forever. The idea of death gave birth to the very process of dying. That is why, for our purpose, we shall put those ideas away and get back to the basics of preserving our physical health and longevity. In addition, we shall consider the subject of immortality, reached by actualization of mind in the vastness of cyberspace…

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