Buffer Frindge Performing Arts Festival

Buffer Frindge Performing Arts Festival

Challenge your perception of art! Challenge yourself! –this is the motto of Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival.

This annual event will take place in Nicosia, 10-12 November, bringing together local and international acts to the Cypriot public for free.

All the acts are cutting edge and experimental.

The Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival overcomes gographic and artistic boundaries and challenges you to discover the ‘fringes’ and marginalisties of a city life that has been ‘buffered’ in its inhabitants minds both visibly and invisibly.

The Home for Cooperation through the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts festival creates the space where new cultural identities are sought and artistic fluidity is celebrated.

A very fresh compilation of 8 different kinds of performing art taking place in 3 days. You will get to experience some of the most forward looking artists, locally and internationally. 3 days, 10 acts and the coolest closing party ever, all free.

Venue: The Home for Cooperation, Buffer Zone


Wednesday 9th November

Pre-festival event at the Home for Cooperation.


Thursday 10th November

Island in the Sun (by Maren Wickwire, Melissa Hekkers) Audiovisual installation on different fragmented lives of migrants.

A Man with a Suitcase (by Ruth Hoth, Guy Saar Ruso).A shadow theatre narrating the mysterious journey of the paper-man.The More You Dance the More You Get (by Evie Demetriou). A solo dance performance.


Friday 11th November

Ship of Fools_Ashore (by Centre of Performing Arts MITOS, Lukasz Walewski, Constantina Peter, Marios Ioannou, Marios Constantinou, Yiannis Christides, Elena Agathokleous) A theatrical piece inspired by books such as the ship of fools, with music and sounds from the Buffer zone, in a quest to listen and understand the other.

pURe (by Ramona Nagabczyńska). A contemporary dance performance transposing the body from the field of the symbolic to the field of needs, desires and fantasies.

SEAL (by Refia Ors, Ezgin Desdur, Basak Bayburtlu, Idil Gelic Canates, Kemal Ozkaram, Kurtulus Altayli, Inal Bilsel). A multimedia performance trailing the soul’s journey.


Saturday 12th November

CYPRIOT BALL OF BODIES AND SOULS (by Melissa Garcia Carro, Brice Catherin, Fabio Visone, Pascal Caron). An interactive performance where the audience creates sound and movement becoming itself the performer.

NARcissus: Ύβρις Θρήνος (rev. 2016) (by Elli Aloneftou, Katerina Andreou, Julia Petrou-Michailidi, Nektarios Rodosthenous). A musical theatre piece experimenting with musical elements that represents mourning through noise and sound reflections.

Solo dell’Arte (by Carlos Estaves Garcias). In this contemporary mask theatre piece, one actor, the audience and an empty space tell the stories ‘the Moon of Santiago’, and Lola ‘La Nuit’.

YOU ARE HERE… ELSEWHERE (by Matthieu Tercieux). An interactive light installation that will take you from your current position to the city, world, the stars. This human mapping will become an interactive playground, an all night long dance, ’til you drop party.


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